RINA Digital Solutions is a part of the Global corporation, RINA, operating in the Marine, Energy & Mobility, Certification, Infrastructure, and Industry sectors. We are 4,400+ people around the world, committed to simplify complexities with a focus on energy transition, ESG and digitalization.

At RINA Digital Solutions, we develop various software solutions to complex challenges within the markets of energy, mobility, industry, infrastructure and marine. Our solutions help clients monitor their assets such as ships, plants, roads, and windmills to optimize performance and contribute to a greener world.

We constantly perform technology scouting for innovative digital solutions to support clients in facing the new challenges their business brings. This includes newest technologies as machine learning, big data analytics, IoT, cloud computing and others

We build our partnerships on trust, knowledge and co-operation to keep moving our customer’s business.

We offer multiple services and digital solutions to all industry

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Lars Francke Riisberg

RINA Digital Solutions

Sofiendalsvej 5B
DK-9200 Aalborg
+45 7214 1214