Electronic Logbooks (ELB) have been developed by RINA to reduce the paper burden onboard, enhance regulatory compliance and improve data reliability. ELB is a software solution capable to fully replace the paper logbooks respecting the relevant regulations and circulars.

Ensure easy and secure data registration with Marine Electronic Logbooks


Replace paper with electronic logbooks to enhance the reliability of your records.


Reduce the paper burden onboard your vessels with ELB.

Marine Electronic Logbooks

The Electronic Logbooks allow you to electronically maintain navigation and ship logs as well as records on engine, ballast water, oil, garbage, ozone depleting and sewage discharge.

The most common electronic logbooks include:

  • Oil Record Book – Part I
  • Oil Record Book – Part II
  • Cargo LogBook
  • Garbage LogBook
  • Ozone Depleting Log Book
  • Ballast LogBook
  • Deck record Book
  • Engine Record Book
  • Radio Record book

The ELB software supports shipping companies in collecting data to ensure regulatory compliance.

By monitoring fleet operations through a cloud-based live streaming from ship(s) to shore, shipping companies can also take data driven decisions to improve business operations.

It is a web-based application installed both onboard all vessels and onshore ensuring availability of data everywhere. The two web applications are constantly synchronized, exchanging data in both directions.


  • Web application with off-line functions
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Extract daily reports and have full visibility of logbook related figures
  • More efficient operations
  • Calculation tools
  • Automatic consistency checks and notifications
  • Secure with anti-tampering measures and optional biometric identification


  • Web application with real-time access to fleet data
  • Share documents with the vessels to be kept together with the logbooks (eg flag dispensations)
  • Onboard configuration managed from the office
  • Easily download attachments relates to vessel operations (eg receipts and BDNs)
  • Analytics to correlate information and take data driven decisions
  • Logbooks’ PDF printout always available with one click, easy to provide it to verifiers (eg IMO DCS and EU MRV) and auditors
  • Target crew training based on reporting results
  • Compare figures of fleet and sister vessels

With ELB you instantly gain the ability for easy retrieval and immediate monitoring of the logbooks available on-board, with smart functions to understand possible lacks of compliance.

All data recorded is both time-stamped and immutable. Data is easily accessible both onboard and ashore to demonstrate compliance to Port Authorities in case of need.

Easily prepare audits from shore side, all the information related to logbooks (e.g. ECP related information) is always available.

You can easily generate reports from the electronic logbooks to monitor fleet compliance and use advanced analytics to correlate data and monitor KPIs.

The benefits of Electronic Logbooks:

  • Reduce errors and optimize operations
  • Reduce the administrative burden on your crew
  • Increase efficiency and transparency.
  • Simplify data recording
  • Improve data quality with validation of all data entries
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Allow data availability ashore
  • Increase awareness about bilge/sludge and garbage production onboard

ELB is also available on mobile through vessel wifi, which means that for example tank soundings on board can be recorded directly on site.

With the Analytics module included in the ELB software, you can use your data for more than reporting.

The analytics module is a powerful tool, which allows you to correlate data providing information on e.g. the management of OWS, bilge waters, fuels, sludges and incinerator.

The measurable KPI obtained can be used to drive decisions and to measure results for an effective management of the fleet

Examples of Analytics:

  • Desludging VS Fuel Consumed
  • Bilge, Sludge and Water KPI
  • Bilge and Sludge generated fleet overview
  • Bilge and Sludge generated VS Master/Ch.Eng embarked
  • OWS and Incinerator performance
  • Position of Operations

ELB has already been approved by the most important Flag State Authorities.

Examples of Flagstate Approvals:

  • Liberia
  • Bermuda
  • Cyprus
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Singapore
  • RMI
  • Malta
  • Luxenbourg
  • Isle of Man

D'Amico combines digitalization and environmental responsibility.

D’Amico Shipping Group has been one of the first company to adopt ELB to replace paper logbooks. Its Deputy Technical Director Cesare D'Apì discusses the benefits and features of using ELB with Alessandro Pescetto from RINA.

Get ready for port state control inspection by ensuring compliance with proper documentation.

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